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An Introduction

Hi, I’m Octavia! I am an alternative companion based out of both New York City and Southern California.  


What initially interested me in the world of companionship was my desire for an abnormal lifestyle which could give me enough stability and free time to limitlessly purse travel and art. Once I dipped my toes into the industry, I quickly fell in love with it: the process of discovering another person’s intricacies, creating an environment of comfortable exploration, and forming meaningful, mutually beneficial connections. Currently, I feel receptive and excited about getting to meet new suitors through my travels, as well as continuing to build my existing relationships.


My passions lie in exploring the natural world, connecting with new people, creating + collaborating, finding ways to grow, adventuring off the beaten path, and experiencing the finer things in life; whether they be simple pleasures or more indulgent. My lifestyle is rooted in a hedonistic drive to seek out fulfillment through beautiful, thrill-filled moments of liberation and connection. I’m intuitively drawn to the creativity of intimacy; I find great joy in the dance of accessing our deeper selves through vulnerability and exploration.  I pride myself on the attentiveness and authenticity that I bring into my life, including our sessions... and I encourage lovers to come into our dates with a similar presence and open-mindset. 


Through my work as companion, I hope to cultivate an ambiance of genuine comfortability for the both of us to relax within; a warm escape from the mundane. As you step into my world, allow yourself to fall into a rhythm of ease, sensuality and laughter. 

I hope to see you soon.



A few details

Hair:                         Naturally ginger

Eyes:                         Blue

Height:                     5 ft 9 in

Age:                          24

Body Hair:               Unshaven, groomed

Measurements:         34 - 27 - 38

Size:                          4/6, Medium, 34D

Shoe Size:                 US 9

Endowments:            Natural

Piercings:                 Ears

Tattoos:                    Many

Orientation:             Queer

Position:                  Switch, soft top

Philosophy:             Absurdism, Stoicism

Birthday:                 March 30th 

Sign:                        Aries

Diet:                        Vegetarian, Shellfish Allergy*

Some of what I value... Autonomy, authenticity, curiosity,  direct communication, attention to detail, creative minds, spirituality, generosity, sweetness, playful nature, new perspectives, and a rejection of the mundane.


Destinations: Hot springs, natural beaches, cobblestone roads, small towns, wildflower meadows, mountain fog, busy cities, vintage stores, historical sites, candle light, book nooks, sunset + sunrise views, any place that feels authentic and connected. 

Dining: farm to table, tasting menu's + omakase, street food, dining with live music, fresh fruit picnics, charcuterie, home grown + home cooked.

Fabrics: High quality cotton and linen. Satin, silk, latex, lace, leather, fur.

ActivitiesBackpacking, camping, dancing, learning new skills, drawing/painting/tattooing, visiting museums, cooking, gardening, traveling, foraging, herbalism, live music, massages, swimming, soaking, getting lost in conversation.

Literature: Patti Smith, Diane Di'Prima, Eileen Myles, Murakami.

Music:  Soul, house, new wave, classic rock, ambient, folk, + more!

If you read this far, thank you and hello! <3 

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